Vizag Festivals

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Visakhapatnam Festivals

Vizag city celebrates virtually all festival. The historical in among the months of November and January is said to be the celebratory time in Visakhapatnam, when an amount of thrilling things takes place in the city. Opening with the Diwali Festival in the 1st half of the November month, the time of Vizag festivals usually finishes by the mid-January with the 3 day crop festival of Sankranti. Between the plentiful Vizag festivals, subsequent are selected of the supreme famed Visakhapatnam festivals :

Lumbini Festival

The city has grown numerous places connected to the Buddhist belief in and in the area it. Therefore, the local Government arranged this Lumbini Vizag festivals so as to honor Buddhism. Lumbini FestivalThis is one of the cheerful and polychrome Vizag festivals. Preliminary from the 2nd Friday in the month of December all year, this festival remains for 3 days. Through this period, all of individuals Buddhist spots are adorned. Superior excursions to those spots are even directed for the travelers along with residents. Enjoy with mirthfulness and dominance, this Buddhist festival is between the famous utmost Visakhapatnam festivals. Moreover the Buddhist canvases that are amid the main magnetisms, Lumbini festival display case the stage old culture of the Buddhist development. Systematized by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, Lumbini festival even offers a platform to the innate sculptors and artists to support their mechanism of art.

Music Festival

Music FestivalStarted on the songs in addition to composition of customary type, Music Festival of Vizag is one of the well-known cultural festivals in the city. Separately from traditional music, food and different other community events form the chief charms of Music festival. Renowned for fair 2 days, Music festival even contains the Pythian Sports. This is one of the other best and popular Vizag Festivals.

Navy Day Vizag

Navy Day VizagExistence the place of the Eastern Naval Command's Head Quarters, the city is adobe to a number of Navy workplaces. As a part of the yearly merriments, this Indian Navy has a good time the day with countless credits. Their splendor catches replicated by the presentation of the various weapons, guns, white troops, ships etc. of the Indian Navy. A display together with several added events is detained by the Eastern Naval Command. As christened by them, Navy Day Vizag is a day of attraction, particularly in the Beach Road. Thousands of people fold there to get the navy ships and added naval objects. Navy Day in Vizag is celebrated same as all the Vizag Festival celebrated.

Visakha Utsav

The subdivision of tourism of the Government of Andhra Pradesh organized every year Visakha Vizag festivals, Visakha festival is amongst the specialisms of the city. This invigorates the soul of celebration amongst the populaces of the city besides the state and carries them to life. Visakha UtsavVisakha festival is not restricted uniquely to the town of Visakhapatnam; it even contains the complete state of Andhra Pradesh. People from all bend of the state wrinkle in the festival place in the city to have fun the event. This Vizag festival is eminent thru the month of January. To be perfect, the 3rd Friday of this month is noticeable for the preliminary of the Visakha Utsav. This 3 day lengthy and renowned among all the Vizag festivals finishes on the subsequent Sunday. Contained with overjoyed merriments, Visakha festival display cases the cultural legacy of the area. Reasonable and mixed types of traditional programs are prepared through that period. Food just is one of the main charms of this festival since it replicates the cooking elegance of the town. Food fans are found to treasure the dissimilar frailties of the location. Together from these numerous selections for sports actions, style spectacles and demonstrations are delivered by the festival specialist. Thus, renowned with unlimited happiness and splendor, Visakha Vizag festivals reproduces the vivacity and soul of the area.


ISKCON Utsav is a majestic and grand Vizag festivals that is frequently held throughout Dussehra. ISKCON UtsavThe impressive fair is systematized for three days. ISKCON Utsav is a festival that displays the Indian culture. The city of Visakhapatnam acquires into a celebratory mood with followers prayer Hare Rama Hare Krishna. Throughout ISKCON spiritual Vizag festivals, Bhajans and Gita Path are planned accompanied by a variation of things and activities executed by children such as dance, drama and other cultural and traditional performances. The ISKCON festival begins with mighty the image of the king of demons, Ravana, trailed by Ram Lila. The fun rides or food shops and games and sports event pull the attention of the children. The important indication is to generate consciousness about ISKCON.

Rishikonda Beach Festival Vizag

Rishikonda Beach Festival VizagThe Rishikonda Beach Festival Vizag renowned at the Rishikonda Beach of Visakhapatnam is a 3 days long annual Vizag festivals from 22nd to 25th December when arts, crafts, culture, food and lifestyle of Visakhapatnam emanates to life and touches out to 100 of Indian and foreign visitors joining in this overflow of gala. Altered styles of demonstrations, stands, craft markets, food benches fitted here contain the leading charm of the Rishikonda Beach Centenary.


Chandanotsavam festival is even identified as the Chandana Yatra. ChandanotsavamChandanotsavam is amongst the well-known Visakhapatnam festivals. Prearranged through the months of March and April, this yearly and one of the famous Vizag festivals is apprehended at Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Temple in Simhachalam. The idol in the temple is retained sheltered with sandal paste during the year. This Chandana Yatra Festival scripts the traditional dispassion of the layer of sandal paste and the wrapper of the image with a renewed sandal paste sheet. On this day of Chandana Yatra, followers can realize the innovative entrance of the idol of Spirit when the coat of sandal paste, which converts a vast sheet, is removed.

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