Vizag History

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History of Vizag

History of Vizag points vertebral to the 3rd Century BC and indications say that the derivation of these city deceits in the Buddhist shells of Thotlakonda. Visakhapatnam is a littoral, haven city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, positioned on the eastern seaside of India, amongst the peaks of the Eastern Ghats and fronting the Anchorage of Bengal to the east. It is the organizational head office of Visakhapatnam District and is likewise residence of the Eastern Naval Command of the Indian Navy.

History of VizagVisakhapatnam History also shows the non-operational foreign British name of Visakhapatnam was Waltair. Throughout the regal epoch, the city had its center at the Waltair railway station, and that share of the city is still named as Waltair. Visakhapatnam is at times also mentioned to as the "City of Destiny". As said by 2007 population estimations, Visakhapatnam is alleged to be the 9th major City in India. The city is abode to numerous state possessed heavy businesses that is one of the utmost progressive steel plants in India and has one of the country`s biggest seaports and its eldest boatyard. Visakhapatnam has the only accepted harbor on the eastern shore of India.

Visakhapatnam History primarily narrates it to the basis of its name. Visakhapatnam or the location of Visakha is termed after the divinity of valor, the second son of Lord Shiva. The other story linked to the story of Visakhapatnam History is the attractiveness of the position that was associated to the splendor of Sakhi Visakha. The myth is that Radha and Visakha were innate on the same day and were similarly gorgeous. The people of Vizag consider that an Andhra King incredulous by the loveliness constructed a temple to pay approval to his family god, Visakha. The history of visakhapatnam stories connected with the history of Visakhapatnam are many but the circumstance ruins that the unmatched expected grandeur of Visakhapatnam has been integral since its development.

The Heroic City or Visakhapatnam has been stated in the Indian classics Ramayana and Mahabharata. The woods of the Eastern Ghats; where the two brothers Rama and Laxman meandered in pursuit of Sita, wife of Lord Rama. Rama made his military of monkey men in the area with the aid of Hanuman and Jambavan. The monkey armed forces of Rama eventually overwhelmed the whiz King Ravana and requested back his wife Sita. A period of Mahabharata when Bheema killed the genius Bakasura ensued in the village Uppalam, only 25 miles from Visakhapatnam, as said in tradition.

Buddhist inspiration in the history of Visakhapatnam has been evident. The sacred Hindu scripts indication that the section of Visakhapatnam in the 5th century BC was part of the massive Kalinga terrain, which lengthy up to River Godavari. The leftovers establish in the extent also demonstrate the being of a Buddhist territory in the district. Kalinga later yielded their region to King Ashoka in the bloodstained fight of the time, which stimulated him to squeeze Buddhism. The region of Visakhapatnam was then reserved over by the Andhra Leaders of Vengi. Then Chalukyas, Pallavas, the Reddy Rajahs governed over the easy-going property and molded a compact History of Vizag.

History of Visakhapatnam

  - Rule Of Hindu Kingdoms :

Visakhapatnam has been beneath the sovereignty of some Hindu monarchies, the eldest empire existence the Vengi Empire. With the revolution of Vengi Realm, the ascendency of Kalinga family came to the fore afore the property was accepted on to the Maryann Empire and then advanced to the Chalukyas. Numerous centuries later, with the drop of the Chalukyas Kingdom, Chola dynasty climbed to the sovereignty. Visakhapatnam also observed an ephemeral regulation of the Pallavas family. Through the 10th and 16th century, the city, yet, was uncertain among the control brawl of Surya Vamsi Gajapati kings of Orissa and the Chola kings. In the direction of the finale of the 15th century, the Mughal rule in northern India lengthy its wings to the southern parts of the country. The city was dominated by the Nizam of Hyderabad and persisted below it up to the quick 1600's.

Visakhapatnam History

  - French and British India

subsequently the deterioration of Muslim statute in the country, French dealers acquired over the terrestrial. Distant from existence a significant nautical immoral, Visakhapatnam also attended as a well-placed corporative port for tobacco, ivory, muslin and other things. When the East Indian Company reached the mainland, they sought complete control ended the Coromandel Shoreline, which controlled to some fights in this district. Visakhapatnam HistoryThe Combat of Vizagapatam in 1804 destroyed the French law in this area. Later below the Madras Position, Visakhapatnam compound as a portion of the Northern Circars that also involved sections of coastal Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. The position was retitled and approached to be recognized as Waltair by British India. It was simply after independence that the city caught back its former name. Throughout the Second World War, Visakhapatnam was the only district in the island that was taking on by Japanese fighter airplanes.

Vizag History

  of Post-Independence :

After 1947, independent India died over numerous alterations with respect to its terrains. Vizag History of Post-IndependenceThe previous area including of Visakhapatnam was reflected one of the main territories in India and was thus gone down into three detached territories. Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam were the three isolated areas that derived into existence. The effects of the World War II, Indo-Park War in 1971, and Bangladesh Freedom War were also seen in Visakhapatnam after which India tacit Visakhapatnam's significance and definite to arrangement Eastern Naval Grasp in this area. Since 1949, Visakhapatnam has aided as a boatyard for some destroys and other substantial containers plus has been responsible for investigation and growth activity of various warship equipment's, advance military machinery and nuclear weaponry. Vizag History also displays the best, excllent Vizag Hotel and Vizag Resorts for the guest Vizag Accommodation during their tours with brilliant amenities.

Timeline of Vizag history

260 B.C.E.
208 B.C.E
14th Century
Mid-17th Century








Ashoka occupied the Kalinga kingdom (of which Vizag was a part).
Chandra Sri Satakarni was the sovereign of this region.
Simhachalam Temple was constructed.
Krishna Deva Raya was the leader of the range containing Vizag.
A sweatshop was originated in "Vizagapatam" by the British East India Company.
This workshop was employed by the navies of Aurangzeb.
The Dutch Colony was reputable.
The area of the Northern Circars, of which Vizag was a part, conceded to the East India Company on termination of the Moghul Empire. Ensuing this, a British colony was time-honored.
A railway from Madras to Calcutta, fleeting concluded Vizagapatam, was released.
Andhra Medical College was started.
Andhra University was recognized.
Visakhapatnam Port was originated.
Japanese war planes attacked Vizag.
The Eastern Naval Command reputable it's sordid in Vizag. Prior to 1947, the Royal Navy had a base in HMIS Circars.
Scindia Shipyard was taking place; it was later state-owned and is now baptized the Hindustan Shipyard.
The Boat Repair Shop was extended into a Base Repair Organization (BRO) and was erased to its setting at the entrance of the northwest channel.
A petroleum factory kept by Caltex was unfastened. This is presently possessed by HPCL.
Two survey ships Jumna and Investigator were enduringly re-based at Vizag.
INS Rajput of the Indian Navy ruined the Pakistani submarine Ghazi in the Indo-Pak War off the beach of Visakhapatnam.
Visakhapatnam Steel Plant originated procedures.
The Visakhapatnam portion of INTACH was traditional.

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